Your EDI Journey

Starting or continuing toward becoming equity competent where all people in the institution feel like they matter and belong is essential work yet not always easy.

Like any area of institution improvement EDI requires a commitment to learning, data collection and clear benchmarks and a focus on behavioural change. Below we have mapped out offerings for each stage of organizational EDI development – determine where your organization is at and how we can help!

I. Start with Diversity Basics

If your leadership is at different levels of EDI comprehension, commitment and comfort

If you have not yet created EDI benchmarks to measure improvement

If you are not sure who exactly is in your organization, what they need or how to best support them

Collect Data

Our Deep Diversity® Solo Snapshot gives you EDI insights and actional next steps in less than five minutes, all for FREE.

Build Capacity

Our online and in-house course options help you and your team build equity literacy with a focus on key leadership competencies.

Change Systems

Our EDI Executive Team Orientation + Assessment package pairs your leadership team with our EDI experts to help identify your equity next steps.

II. Improve your Equity and Inclusion

If your leadership is generally aware of the need for EDI improvements but remains apprehensive or unsure about how to move forward

If you have created some EDI benchmarks but they are not widely understood nor broadly applied

If you don’t have comprehensive baseline demographic data tied to inclusion to inform your equity strategy

Collect Data

Our Deep Diversity® Organizational Audit uses 360° organizational data to create a multi-year equity and inclusion plan in as little as six months.

Build Capacity

Our Inclusive Leadership Certificate combines our four core courses into one comprehensive curriculum for EDI leaders.

Change Systems

Our EDI Executive Team Coaching package pairs your leadership team with our EDI experts for custom coaching and support.

III. Be a Champion for Advanced Belonging

If your leadership shares an EDI strategy but is uncertain how to address specific issues that arise

If you have created EDI benchmarks and measured progress for at least two years and want to continue to improve

If you have organizational policies and structures in place to support EDI but are looking for a deeper culture of shared belonging

Collect Data

Our Deep Diversity® Third-Party Audit offers a fully customized, expert perspective on your organization’s long-term EDI progress and planning.

Build Capacity

Our Leader Labs (for BIPOC and White Leaders) offer ongoing, interactive coaching to equity, diversity and inclusion leaders from around the world.

Change Systems

Our year-long Deep Diversity® Organizational Change Program uses a “train-the-trainer” approach for sustainable, measurable behavioural and attitudinal change.

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