In this episode we call to action the need to build community and capacity in our personal, community and professional lives as a response to the current stormy political era we are in.

On the eve of the most important US election in generations, democracy in that—and other western contexts— is in crisis. we need to stop being hypnotized by Donald Trump’s theatrics and incivility to see the broader patterns of behaviour: that of a classic authoritarian leader.

In response, leaders from civil society, workplaces and beyond need to get comfortable using the “f” word: fascism. Although still incomprehensible to most mainstream North Americans, using an evidence-based approach to demonstrate  the frame of authoritarianism and fascism better helps explain the current political moment of Trump and his allies.

Putting their words, actions and the related violence into context…with implications for racial minorities globally.

We’d like to introduce you to our new blog by first wishing you a happy spring. We would also like to highlight some of the exciting work we are doing and what we have planned in the near future.

First of all, we’ve upgraded our website. We are going to be launching some courses online (beginning with Deep Diversity) and our new website will better handle this change. We are currently developing the online components, and our first course should be launched soon.  We’ll be sure to announce the launch!

Shakil Choudhury, Senior Partner, has been working nonstop on his book, Deep Diversity:  Overcoming Us vs. Them and it will be launched this September (for certain).  There will be a book launch and we’ll make sure to let you k now here and over social media. Shakil will also be contributing to this blog about the book and his work on diversity and inclusion.

We’ve also been working with the City of Toronto, the Ontario Public Service and various school boards helping them achieve their diversity and inclusion goals. It’s been so rewarding to see our hard work provide organizational transformation in very practical ways.

And now for a bit about what we hope to do with this blog. Of course, we want to keep you informed about what Anima is up to. We also hope this becomes a resource for you. Whether you are looking for some quick facilitation techniques, mindfulness and authenticity practices, successful diversity strategies or want to read about the latest article about implicit bias in the workplace we hope that this blood can offer you something.  We’ll aim to publish something at the very least once per week so make sure to visit us regularly.

Until our next entry!