When people are in environments where they matter and belong – the extraordinary is possible

Anima Leadership is the home of Deep Diversity®, our award winning approach to achieving racial justice and inclusive organizations. Since 2006, we have worked with thousands of individuals and hundreds of organizations teaching, consulting and coaching transformative change.


Real Breakthroughs

“Important conversations about social justice that led to real breakthroughs”

Marnie Starkman, Executive Vice President of Business Operations, Toronto Blue Jays
Eye-opening Perspective

“An eye opening perspective… a major benefit to policing!”

Ricky Veerappan, Staff Seargeant, York Region Police
A power to Anima’s work

“There is a power to Anima’s work.… groups are guided right to the heart of things where transformation happens.”

Annie Simpson, Asst. Director, ILEAD, U of T Engineering
Research Expertise

“The team were very knowledgeable in the research process and while listening carefully to what we wanted…”

Carol Speers, Superintendent and Ontario Principal’s Equity Chair
Brilliant Courses

“Anima courses are brilliant and I have felt a real commitment by them to my growth and development.”

Raggi Kotak, Barrister, UK

“Anima Leadership brought a rigorous and thoughtful process to the complex task of culture building”

Tonya Surman, Executive Director, Centre for Social Innovation
People Management Skills

“Working with Anima Leadership has dramatically strengthened our people management skills.”

Justina Ray, President, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada
Exceed Expectations

“Anima takes the time to understand the unique culture of each organization they work with. Each time, they have exceeded our expectations.”

Nadeem Basaria, Manager, CBC Engagement and Inclusion
Facilitate sensitive conversations

“Anima did a brilliant job of facilitating sensitive conversations while assisting our Executive Team in strategy conversations.”

Lee Wiersma, Executive VP, University of Wisconsin Credit Union
Vision into reality

“Through their expert advice, Anima knew exactly how to turn our vision into reality.”

Wesley Grant, Policy Lead, Human Resources Development Canada

You’re In Good Company

Texas State University


Toronto Blue Jays

Government of Canada

Medecins Sans Frontieres


City of Toronto

Government of Ontario

Goldblatt Partners

Cuna Mutual Group

Newfoundland Labrador

Metcalf Foundation

Canadian Mental Health Association

U.S. Department of the Interior

New York University

University of Wisconsin Credit Union

National Coalition of Girls’ Schools (NCGS)

Branksome Hall

Alberta Judges’ Association

Insight Meditation Society


Queen’s University


Toronto Dominion

Public Service Alliance of Canada

The United World Colleges (International)

Pink Triangle Press

The Advocates Society

Canadian Labour Congress

World Wildlife Fund Canada