Anima Leadership is an award winning company offering in-person and online inclusive consulting and training services for individuals, teams and organizations in support of transformative change. Our belief is that when people are in environments where they matter and belong, the extraordinary becomes possible.

Research consistently shows that organizations that have a clear vision, healthy culture and inclusive workplace, perform head and shoulders above others of similar size and scope. Here’s where we come in. Our services weave together cutting-edge insights and practices from science, psychology and social systems with a focus on:

  • Organizational health and human systems architecture
  • Diversity, power and anti-bias research
  • Emotional intelligence and mindfulness tools
  • Relational leadership and bridging difference
  • Workplace Restoration, Conflict transformation and dialogue skills

Our processes tap into the innate wisdom, power and capacity to enact change that all individuals and organizations possess.


Who We Work With

The Anima team has worked in the public, private and non-profit sectors, offering services to clients such as business professionals, high tech innovators, police officers, nurses, executive directors and boards, teachers, school administrators, youth, academics as well as government agencies. Internationally, we have designed and implemented peace-building projects for communities in conflict in both Europe and Latin America.

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Introducing the Inclusive Management Online Certificate

An amazing opportunity to develop impactful and systems-oriented leadership through our foundational modules on facilitation, conflict, management and diversity.

The certification consists of four modules:

Throughout each module you will find a strong focus on developing internal leadership muscles for external impact: a grounding in psychological literacy to create systems change.  We aim to support leaders who are change-makers looking to build, strengthen and sustain relationships at the heart of their work.