We believe in leadership from the inside-out. Powerful leadership is as much about learning to manage ourselves as others. So how do we build healthier, more equitable and interdependent relationships with ourselves and within our teams and organizations?

The key to this is authenticity, where what we feel and think is aligned with what we say and do, both in our personal and professional lives. This is a profoundly hopeful approach that encourages and challenges all of us to engage in processes of learning, as well as unlearning, in order to tap into our personal wisdom and collective strengths.


Leadership for a world where all people matter and belong.


Offering innovative organizational change and training solutions to nurture inclusive, productive workplaces and communities.

Our services are based on the following core beliefs:

Everyone has leadership potential

Each of us has something we are meant to contribute to the world. Finding out what this is and how to best offer it is a large part of what leadership development is about.

Leadership is a practice of opening the heart

Many of us in Euro-western societies rely solely on our intellectual capacities. Current neuroscience and emotional intelligence research show that our feelings– the information residing in our bodies– is as important, if not more so, for decision-making roles. Learning to notice and manage our own and others emotions is a foundational aspect of effective leadership.

We live in an interdependent world

Quantum physics and the new sciences provide evidence that we are connected at far more subtle and energetic levels than previously believed. What we do in part one part of a team or organization affects all other parts of the system. Leadership is a practice of making decisions about the parts based on seeing as much of the whole as possible.

Diversity is foundational for long-term success

Organizations, at all levels, need to represent the diversity in the broader population to be relevant in the future. Leadership in the face of increasingly complex issues and situations will require diverse perspectives and application of a deeply collective intelligence.

Inclusion is not part of the work, it IS the work

The quality of relationships among people is part of an organization’s DNA, dictating long-term success. Leadership for inclusive environments requires centering equity at the heart of strategic planning, coaching conflict competency and recognizing process as important as destination.

Meaningful change takes time

Many people and organizations working for systems change operate from a sense of urgency. Over time, this takes a toll on personal health, relationships and ability to be effective in the work. We lose connection with purpose. Truly transformative leadership stems from the ability to be deeply present– to listen to our own inner voice and that of others– so the best decisions can be made for our collective future.

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