The Deep Diversity® Organizational Change Program (DDOCP) is aimed at middle managers, the leverage in any organization to create meaningful culture change around various key EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) areas. This program engages up to 50  middle managers in a customized Deep Diversity® program that includes six sessions over a 12-month period, including a final session in which participants share lessons learned to members of the executive team to help inform organizational next steps.

Research shows that training alone cannot create behavioral change. Similar to learning to read or write, literacy in equity, diversity and inclusion requires opportunities to apply the new concepts as well as be mentored, reflecting on successes and mistakes. The DDOCP has a proven track record of growing equity literacy within an organization, with data from over 500 leaders and their teams across North America demonstrating improvements in both attitudes and behaviours.

Beside the content of the Deep Diversity® course sessions, managers are engaged with:

  • Individual action plans;
  • Supplementary webinars;
  • Group coaching calls;
  • Additional measurement tools; and
  • Pre- and post-assessments to measure behavioural and attitudinal change.

There are perpetual use licenses for two invaluable resources included: the Deep Diversity® Inclusive Workplace Continuum: People Practices as well as the accompanying comprehensive User Guide setting out behavioural benchmarks across key inclusion skill sets. The closing of the program comes with a final brief report including recommendations for next steps.

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