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Anima Leadership’s Deep Diversity® Organizational Audit is our most comprehensive self-assessment tool. This thorough audit process allows organizations to compile responses about key EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) considerations from an unlimited number of staff at all levels. The data you collect will be used to create a detailed report and customized planning package for your organization that can shape your EDI strategy for years to come.

It often takes organizations two to three years to move from starting their inclusion journey to creating a useful equity and inclusion plan, as leaders first go through the necessary process of recognizing “what they don’t know”. This long time frame can be frustrating for staff, leadership, and other stakeholders and delays progress even further. The Deep Diversity® Organizational Audit accelerates this painstaking process by starting with a comprehensive audit process that provides invaluable information and guidelines for planning, reducing this timeframe to an average of six months.

The Deep Diversity® Organizational Audit includes:

  • A 50+ question survey that can be used to gather data from an unlimited number of staff;
  • A comprehensive set of equity and inclusion-related benchmarks;
  • An average EDI Score which can be tracked across time to assess organizational growth;
  • The ability to cross-tab results and data according to staff position, race and gender;
  • Step-by-step instructions and templates to ensure staff buy-in and engagement;
  • A detailed planning guide for next steps forward;
  • And more.

Professional support from EDI experts on the Anima Leadership team can also be added if your organization is looking for additional support.

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