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For organizations further along their inclusion journey, Anima Leadership offers an independent and comprehensive Deep Diversity® Third-Party Audit. This process allows our expert team to complete a full evaluation of your organization’s EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) progress and provide detailed, actionable next steps.

We offer an independent and comprehensive third-party assessment using a variety of rigorous research methods. Our audit measures key organizational systems, social inclusion metrics, policy and practice, strategic direction and more. The Deep Diversity® Third-Party Audit usually takes six months to year or more to complete and is intended for organizations ready to make an ongoing commitment to becoming an inclusion leader within their sector.

The Deep Diversity® Third-Party Audit includes:
  • A full evaluation of organizational policies, processes and procedures;
  • A variety of data-collection methodologies including anonymous surveys, focus groups, one-on-one and team interviews and more;
  • The ability to include an unlimited number of stakeholder responses;
  • A complete communications strategy to ensure stakeholder buy-in and engagement;
  • Comprehensive breakdowns of data according to participant demographics such as staff position, race, gender and more;
  • A fully detailed final report outlining recommendations based on overall organization results and sectoral best practices;
  • And more.

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