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Deep Diversity®
Solo Snapshot

1.0 Report Overview

Thank you for completing Anima Leadership’s Deep Diversity® Solo Snapshot, a seven question measurement tool that identifies key factors for EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) success based on best practices research.

A number of inclusion factors are examined for each area of analysis and rated on a fivepoint growth scale from 1 (Pre-Aware) to 5 (Practice Leader). Continue to the report to learn more.

2.0 Scoring

Questions are scored according to the Deep Diversity® Inclusive Workplace Continua:

Inclusion 1 (Pre-Aware): The organization is unaware of inequities and/or uninterested in EDI issues. The specific EDI factor being measured is not considered important to the organization’s practices, and leaders are unmotivated/incapable to take the necessary actions.

Inclusion 2 (Minimal / Compliance Driven): For the factor being measured, the organization has instituted some aspects of EDI practice to ensure minimum compliance with human rights legislation, policies or basic accepted industry practices.

Inclusion 3 (Good Intentions / Inconsistent): The organization may be well-intentioned and aware of EDI practices but is unable to regularly—and across the organization—follow through on how to integrate them due to any number of factors including levels of commitment, knowledge or skills.

Inclusion 4 (Consistent Practices): The organization dependably balances EDI awareness with practices across units and departments. There is regular commitment, resources and effort to align beliefs with behaviours and choices.

Inclusion 5 (Practice Leader): The organization is not only consistent in its EDI awareness and follow through, but regularly seeks feedback and input from stakeholders in order to continually improve processes and outcomes. The organization is a practice leader, fostering a culture of equity, innovation, and productivity.

2.1 Your Score

Here are the results of your Deep Diversity® Solo Snapshot. These scores are based on your individual perception of key organizational practices related to EDI.

A. Leadership and EDI Accountability
B. Human Resources (HR)
C. EDI Policies and Procedures
D. EDI Communications and Community
E. Organizational Climate, Culture & Representation
F. Supplier Diversity
G. Return on Investment/Business Case
Average Score: 2.9

3.0 Best Practices

To support your organization’s EDI journey and progress along each factor, consider the following recommendations based on best practices research:

Authentic commitment of leadership is critical embedding EDI into organizational culture. Leaders need to demonstrate through their words and actions that they are Diversity Champions.
EDI is a cornerstone of the organization’s strategic plan, both now and into the future. This helps prevent EDI from being a “flavour of the day”, vulnerable to the whims of individual leaders and leadership change.
Collect demographic data of employees to establish how reflective your organization is of the available workforce in your region. This establishes benchmarks of how diverse your organization is currently, illustrating what groups are over and under-represented and at what levels of the organization.
Audit your human resources systems to identify how biases may be contributing to over and under-representation of groups at different levels. Such an analysis is best done through a third party with expertise in EDI, human resources and organizational change.
Educate! Educate! Educate! Racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination are systemic problems so leaders need to become system thinkers. The general rule is that 360 hours of learning is needed for leaders to achieve a basic level of EDI literacy and proficiency in order to support and achieve EDI goals.

4.0 Next Steps

We hope this free version of the Deep Diversity® Solo Snapshot helps you think about equity, diversity and inclusion from a broader perspective. But this is the start of your EDI journey, not the end. Here are some next steps for you to take:

If you are looking for more data…

The Deep Diversity® Leaders’ Snapshot includes results from a broader group of senior leaders for a more comprehensive overview of your organization. This paid version includes:

  • A report compiling responses across your senior leadership team;
  • A more comprehensive overall assessment with additional questions on recruitment, selection, retention/advancement, and training and development;
  • Best practices for equity and inclusion-related benchmarks;
  • A Discussion Guide to support your team’s planning process.

The Deep Diversity Leaders’ Snapshot is available for $39.99 USD/person, recommended for up to 25 senior leaders.

Buy your Deep Diversity® Leaders’ Snapshot >

Deep Diversity Leaders' Snapshot examples

4.1 Next Steps

If you’re looking to strengthen your personal skills…

Deep Diversity: A Compassionate, Scientific Approach to Achieving Justice by Anima Leadership’s co-founder and CVO Shakil Choudhury is an original, accessible resource to grow your own equity literacy. This book will help teach you:

  • How to become a systems thinker by developing “racial pattern recognition” skills;
  • How to recognize the unconscious influence of bias;
  • How to break the racial “prejudice habits”;
  • How the rise in authoritarianism and income inequality (among other factors) contribute to a rise in hate crimes and racial discrimination, and what to do about it.

Deep Diversity is available in hardcover and paperback online or at your favourite bookseller.

Buy Deep Diversity: Deep Diversity: A Compassionate, Scientific Approach to Achieving Racial Justice >

Just like with any kind of literacy, developing racial justice literacy and proficiency requires time on task — about 360 hours, according to our research. Anima Leadership offers the following interactive, online group courses to help you on your way to 360 hours.

  • Deep Diversity®* (also available as a self-directed module)
  • Authentic Management*
  • Brave Conversations*
  • Authentic Facilitation*
  • Decoding Race for White Leaders

* = Anima core course

We also offer the Anima Inclusive Leadership Certificate, which includes all four courses at a discounted rate.

Register for an Anima Leadership course or certificate >

4.2 Next Steps

If you’re looking to support your organization’s journey…

Focus on training and development tailored for your team. All of our Anima Leadership courses are available as individual, in-house professional development opportunities for your specific organization.

Book your in-house training >

Anima Leadership also offers external Deep Diversity® Third-Party Audits for organizations further along their inclusion journey. Organizations will work closely with Anima Leadership’s team of EDI experts on the way to becoming an inclusion leader within their sector.

Learn more about our Deep Diversity® Third-Party Audit >

The Deep Diversity® Organizational Change Program is aimed at middle managers, the leverage in any organization to create meaningful culture change. This program engages middle managers (up to 50) in a customized Deep Diversity® program that includes six sessions over a 12-month period, including a final session in which participants share lessons learned to members of the executive team to help inform organizational next steps. In addition to the course content, participants are engaged with:

  • Individual action plans;
  • Supplementary webinars;
  • Group coaching calls;
  • Additional measurement tools;
  • Pre- and post-assessments to measure behavioural and attitudinal change.

Learn more about our Deep Diversity® Organizational Change Program >

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