EDI Executive Team Supports

Racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination are systemic problems only solved by systems thinking. Our EDI Executive Team Support Packages help executive leadership teams become equity-minded systems thinkers using innovative tools and strategies.

Starting with a 90-minute keynote and assessment including our Deep Diversity® Leaders’ Snapshot audit, let our Anima experts lead you through the why, what and how of EDI systems change. Add additional team coaching sessions to go deeper into your organization’s unique EDI needs and goals with bespoke and comprehensive strategic follow-up support.

Invest in getting your executive leadership team literate and onboard with EDI systems change.

Deep Diversity® Organizational Change Program

Ready to shift your organizational culture and behaviours to be more inclusive, equitable and productive, set-point? Our year-long Deep Diversity® Organizational Change Program is a dynamic program aimed at middle-managers with a unique “train-the-trainer” approach that results in sustainable, measurable behavioural and attitudinal change.

This customizable program includes pre-and post assessments, measurement tools, action plan templates, team coaching calls and webinars and our unique Deep Diversity train-the-trainers program that creates a framework for long-term success. Our team of Anima Leadership experts will work with your organization every step of the way on your equity journey.

This program is designed for organizations ready to put equity, diversity and inclusion theory into practice with expert support.

In-House Training

Our award-winning equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI)-focused courses are developed based on current research, best practices and interactive exercises designed to equip people—from the front line to the head office—with the knowledge and skills required to navigate diverse twenty-first century environments. We excel at creating a psychologically safe learning environment for everybody, no matter where they are on the equity learning journey.

For most organizations looking for in-house EDI training, we recommend our foundational course Deep Diversity: Creating Inclusive Organizations. Based on the book Deep Diversity: A Compassionate, Scientific Approach to Achieving Racial Justice, this course includes four modules delivered in a series of three to four sessions tailored for your organization.

Any of the courses below are also available to be tailored to your organizational needs:

Authentic Management: Leading Diverse, High Performance Teams
Brave Conversations: Transforming Workplace Conflict
Authentic Facilitation: Guiding Groups with Presence and Ease
Decoding Race for White Leaders: Creating Cultures of Belonging
Challenging Anti-Black Racism: For Organizations

EDI Audits

Equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) are no longer a sidebar project, but the heart of organizational growth, efficacy and development. To keep up, organizations need to understand what their starting point is, where they need to go, and what steps will get them moving along from equity beginners to becoming inclusion leaders.

Based on our many years in the field, Anima Leadership has developed evidence-based, user-friendly and comprehensive EDI Audits tools designed for any individual, leadership team or organization to measure their current progress and plan effective next steps forward. Areas of focus include:

  • EDI policies and procedures;
  • Transparency and accountability;
  • Inclusive recruitment, selection, retention and advancement;
  • Organizational clima and culture;
  • Training and development;

and many more.

Learn more about our variety of assessment tools to find the EDI Audit that’s right for you and your organization.

Keynote Speaking

Anima Leadership offers dynamic and bespoke keynotes on topics related to equity, diversity and inclusion in the workplace and beyond. Our co-founders Shakil Choudhury and Annahid Dashtgard—as well as other experts from our team of educators—have spoken at a wide variety of conferences, seminars, corporate and educational events and other large-scale stages both in North America and beyond. 

Reach out to learn more about having an Anima Leadership expert speak at your next event.

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