Deep Diversity® Leaders’ Snapshot


Anima Leadership’s Deep Diversity® Leaders’ Snapshot is a fifteen-question measurement tool that collects and compiles responses from your leadership team around key EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) factors in your organization. This audit will produce a cumulative report offering insights, planning tools and recommendations.

Choose the maximum number of responses you expect to collect using the Deep Diversity® Leaders’ Snapshot. The price will adjust accordingly with discounts for larger numbers. A minimum of three responses are required to generate the report. You will have the option to purchase more responses later.

A maximum of 25 seats may be purchased.
For a larger set of responses, please see our Deep Diversity® Organizational Self-Audit.

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Leaders set the tone in any organization and efforts to embed inclusion at the heart of organizational planning doesn’t go very far without senior leadership being committed and equipped. This Deep Diversity® Leaders’ Snapshot collects data from your senior leadership team with a quick and easy survey, and then compiles average scores for key EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) factors and offers best practices and planning tools to help your leadership team progress over time. The Deep Diversity® Leaders’ Snapshot includes:
  • Leaders' Snapshot EDI AuditA report compiling responses across your senior leadership team;
  • An average EDI score from the senior leadership team which you can track over time;
  • A set of best practices for equity and inclusion-related benchmarks including culture, human resources, governance, policies and practices;
  • Discussion questions for future EDI planning; and
  • Recommendations to help guide your organizations’ next steps forward.
This product is recommended for use by up to 25 senior leaders within an organization. Professional support from EDI experts on the Anima Leadership team can also be added if your organization is looking for additional support in interpreting, presenting or actioning your results.

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