Annahid Dashtgard

Annahid DashtgardAnnahid has over twenty years experience designing systemic change initiatives and coordinating programs at local, national and international levels, in government, education, non-profit and healthcare sectors. She has worked with organizations such as: The Centre for Social Innovation, United World Colleges Network, The Council of Canadians, The Center for Social Justice, Canadian Labour Congress, Tatamagouche Education Centre, Oxfam Canada and Planned Parenthood. She uses an innovative and holistic philosophy that combines concrete leadership training with community responsibility and spiritual awareness.

Publications and Productions:

Anima Workshop July 09 137

  • Teacher/ Facilitator Guide for Gemini Award-Winning Film, “Scared Sacred.” National Film Board, 2006.
  • “Remembering the Dance: Feeling My Way to Freedom” in the anthology, Notes from Canada’s Young Activists: A Generation Stands Up for Change,2007, Greystone Books, Canada.
  • “Radical Embodiment, Disordered Eating and Women: A Feminist Pedagogical Approach” Conference Presentation at the Association for the Study of Food and Society Conference, Oregon, 2005.
  • Body Image Module, Planned Parenthood of Toronto, 2003.
  • “A Better World is Possible: Developing Common Security through Fair Trade” Video, Common Front on the WTO coalition, 2001. Over 500 copies distributed across Canada.
  • “BYE-BUY World: The Battle of Seattle” Video and Teacher’s Curriculum Guide, Moving Images Distribution, 2000. Distributed to over 500 universities, colleges and development organizations globally.
  • “Butt Out” Tobacco Cessation Program, St. Albert Public Health Centre, 1997.
  • Interactive Health Education School Curriculum Guide, Edmonton General Hospital, 1996.



  • Facts and Arguments Essay in the Globe and Mail, June, 2010 on Protesting as an important civil liberty
  • Interviewed on CBC “The Current” Nov. 2008 on the subject of youth engagement in politics.
  • Profiled in CBC Radio Documentary “Burning Bright” on Sunday “The Hour” Sept. 2008– how to create change while avoiding burnout
  • Interviewed on CBC “The Current” Feb. 2008 in response to The Skinny Bitch book.
  • Interviewed on CBC Toronto “Here and Now” 2007 in response to book release Canada’s Young Activists: A Generation Stands Up for Change.
  • Interviewed on TVO “The Agenda” 2005 on topic of citizen engagement in political process.
  • Op-Ed article in Toronto Star, Sept. 2002 on Racist Backlash in Canada in response to 9-11.
  • Interviewed on CBC “Straight from the Hip” 2001 with former Prime Minster, Kim Campbell, on response to Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky- private or public affair?
  • Interviewed on CBC “Counter-Spin” 2001 on resistance to the World Trade Organization.
  • Interviewed on CTV “W-Five” 2001 on anti-corporate globalization movement and it’s demands for upholding democracy.
  • Op-Ed article in Toronto Star, August 2001 on New Politics Initiative.
  • “Voices Say Another World is Possible” Article, Briarpatch Magazine, 2001.
  • “Mixed Race” personal essay, Aired repeatedly on CBC “This Morning”, 2000.
  • Interviewed on CBC “Face-Off” 1999.
  • Various Speaking Engagements 1998-2001 across Canada on concerns related to Free Trade and Economic Globalization.