“Anima Leadership delivered state-of-the-art diversity and inclusion training to employees of all levels and roles, across both Canada and the US. Through thoughtful facilitation, the trainings sparked important conversations about social justice that led to real breakthroughs within our club. We were impressed by Anima’s vigour and compassion and would recommend them if you’re ready to dive into real change.”

~ Marnie Starkman, Executive Vice President of Business Operations, Toronto Blue Jays
“Through their expert advice and valuable consultations, the Anima Leadership team knew exactly how to turn our vision into reality. Their professionalism, attention to detail and honesty made our relationship an extremely positive one.”
~ Wesley Grant, Policy Analyst, Human Resources Development Canada
“Anima Leadership worked with us to understand our organization’s vision, mission and values in relation to diversity and inclusion. They did a brilliant job of facilitating sensitive conversations while assisting our Executive Team in incorporating cultural competency into our future strategy discussions.”
~ Lee Wiersma, Executive VP, University of Wisconsin Credit Union
“We continue to rely on Anima Leadership to help us reach our engagement and inclusion goals. They are expert facilitators and top-notch trainers that truly understand how to navigate these complex themes. They take the time to understand the unique culture of each organization they work with. Each time, they have exceeded our expectations.”
~ Nadeem Basaria, Manager, CBC Engagement and Inclusion
“Working with Anima Leadership has dramatically strengthened our people management skills. Through workshops and individual coaching we have developed strong performance management skills and gained a deep understanding of the importance of the supervisor and employee feedback process and how critical this is to developing and maintaining strong and productive teams.”
~ Justina Ray, President, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada
“As we opened a 2nd location and doubled our staff and members, we needed someone who could really capture and reflect our essence and find a way to help us scale our culture and animation. Anima Leadership brought a rigorous and thoughtful process to the complex task of culture building. It was really something to see the intentional way that systems change happens in ever changing organizations.”
~ Tonya Surman, Executive Director, Centre for Social Innovation
“Anima will take you on the longest journey in your life… from your head to your heart.”
~ Trevor Gladue, Alberta Centre for Race and Culture
“Everyone loved the session, and I think you had a profound impact on all of us and on our group dynamic. I could see it over the last two days, in how we conducted our meeting and interacted with each other and our guests…. We can’t change if we don’t see the problem. You helped us see more clearly.”
~ Irene Jansen, CUPE Equality Officer

“An excellent grounding in the qualities and practices of leadership that can build powerful relationships among caregivers, indeed among any group of people valuing collective development of our capacities.”

~ Jackie Larkin, Healthcare Consultant

“We hired Anima to facilitate our strategic planning retreats for two consecutive years now. Annahid and Shakil are warm, creative, skilled facilitators. They helped focus our planning and surface issues that build up in a workplace, guiding us to deep listening and opening us to the new.”

~ Mary Corkery, Executive Director, Kairos Ecumenical Coalition

“Anima Leadership programs offer staff authentic wisdom to nurture change in an organization.”

~ Ana Rahmat, Director, BC Federation of Labour Health and Safety
“For our staff planning retreat, Anima Leadership offered us a full range of teambuilding and strategic planning activities that made for an energizing few days. Their facilitation style put everyone at ease, enabling us to tackle potential obstacles with little effort. Our time together was money well spent!”
~ Audrey Johnson, Executive Director, Women’s Legal Education and Action Fund
“There is a power to Anima’s work and it comes from the depth of their authenticity and courage. They embody what they teach. With love and gentleness groups are guided right to the heart of things; to the place where transformation happens.”
~ Annie Simpson, Asst. Director, Leaders of Tomorrow Office, U of T Engineering Dept.
“Anima Leadership’s ability to bring together practical pieces with a deep sense of inner growth and emotional intelligence is stunning. I have full confidence in Anima leadership and will continue to rely on their offerings for my professional and personal development.”
~ Kim Fry, Forest Campaigner, Greenpeace
“An eye opening perspective… a major benefit to policing!”
~ Ricky Veerappan, Staff Seargeant, York Region Police

“The Anima Leadership Women’s Program helped me to nurture my vision of what good leadership looks like. I have learned new things and been reminded of old wisdom”

~ Jennifer Fodden, Executive Director, LGBT Youth line

“A great chance for people to take their leadership to a new level. Anima creates a space for breakthroughs!”

~ Shannon Thompson, Executive Director, Greenest City

“I went into the Anima Leadership training session expecting to learn and develop facilitation and team building skills and walked away with so much more. It was a truly engaging experience that has helped me to not only connect with others around me but helped me to connect with myself. Shakil and Annahid, through their respectful, open and inviting presence, helped to transform a group of strong individuals into a stronger team. Truly a rewarding experience!”

~ Sheldon Antle, Policy Specialist, Department of HR, Labour and Employment, Newfoundland-Labrador Government

“Developing leadership that supports and encourages rather than dominates is one of the most important tasks of our time. Anima employs methods that can teach us to be the leaders we want to have. Annahid and Shakil are two of the most creative and effective educators I know.”

~ Judy Rebick, Author of Imagine Democracy and Political Analyst

“What I gained was the power of authenticity; the power of my voice and expression. What you showed us to do in a short period of time was how to open ourselves, to be more human and to speak more genuinely…Those feelings are exactly what a leader should inspire in others.”

~ Engineering PhD Student, University of Toronto

“It is said that, “A great leader is someone people choose to follow to places that they wouldn’t go themselves.” Shakil Choudhury is such a leader. He creates an environment where people feel comfortable critically analyzing their attitudes and behaviours. He encourages people to question the status quo, but also leaves them feeling empowered to make a difference.”

~ Nazneen Dindar, Vice Principal, Durham District School Board

“Annahid Dashtgard represents a new kind of leadership that the world desperately needs. She is intelligent, both intellectually and emotionally: thoughtful, thorough, political and spiritual. It is wonderful to witness her work holistically and without ego. I have changed greatly from her guidance and insights.”

~ Judith Dunstan, Registered Social Worker and Psychotherapist

“In our programs, so much depends on the strength and quality of the lead facilitators: authenticity, heartfulness, clarity, artistic and improvisational ability. Our work also calls for a keen understanding of how to lead multi-cultural, cross-generational learning events: cultural sensitivity, masterful communication skills, transparency, flexibility and decisiveness. David has all this and more; I am so glad he is a member of our lead-facilitator team.”

~ Charlie Murphy, Ashoka Fellow Co-Founder and Creative Director of Power of Hope

“Developing gender sensitive leadership models is one of our collective challenges in building a fairer world where women’s rights are respected. The ALIVE program is an excellent example of the kind of space we need to open up to share our power and potential and the training truly empowers women to be more inspired and intentional leaders in their relationships, organizations and communities.”

~ Jennifer Brammer, Program Coordinator, Oxfam Canada

“I don’t have language for the comfort and warm space you created ~ like a safe crucible for learning.”

~ Spencer Brennan, Provincial Outreach Coordinator, Ontario Self-Help Resource Centre

“This Anima leadership program was very different from what I’d come to expect from developmental-type courses….In short, I felt that my experience was really driven from my own being rather than being a cookie cutter course that sought to tell me how to be and do things differently.”

~ Micheline Davies, Director, Major Program Delivery, Canadian Tire Corporation

“Annahid has the gift of gently calling your inner leader forward to stand up and celebrate!”

~ Milena Vigliotta, singer/songwriter

“Shakil Choudhury, of Anima Leadership, is once again on the cutting edge of educational work that challenges the borders that separate us… He is a wonderful teacher of teachers because he is so forthright, honest, and approachable; he shares the struggles and contradictions of his work as well as the successes, so that people can identify with him and imagine themselves taking on their dreams and undertaking ambitious and heart-felt projects…”

~ Deborah Barndt, Associate Dean, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University

“The Inclusion Management Certificate was a great occasion to learn from the enormous experience of Anima facilitators and to experience their approach in action. The constant self-reflection and practice throughout the modules enabled and encouraged me to try out the strategies presented instantly. I applied something I learned in the course in every meeting, customer conversation or training I’ve led since.”

~ Conni Schwaerzer-Dutta, Centre for Social Inclusion, Germany

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