Here are some super neat projects we’ve had the privilege to work on, from best practice research to leadership programming to internal culture building. Enjoy, and let us know if any ideas get sparked as you read.

University of Wisconsin Credit Union

Deep Diversity®: Leadership Program, Creating Inclusive Systems Change
University of Wisconsin Credit Union

Anima Leadership has been working with the Executive Team and over 900 staff at the UWC Credit Union over the last four years to create an internal shift toward more understanding, representation and inclusion, particularly for racialized employees. The Deep Diversity® Leadership Program helped support the executive team at UWCU in setting priorities related to the organization’s 5-year strategic plan. Through trainings, management coaching, focus group design and implementation and online modules Anima Leadership continues to collaborate closely with UWCU in understanding the specific organizational context in order to customize the training for maximum impact. Read More

Human Resources Development Canada

Developing best practices for Canada’s Racism Free Workplace Strategy

This project was Anima Leadership’s first federal government project: to develop the curriculum and tools for Canada’s. Federally regulated companies are obligated to comply with Employment Equity legislation in an effort to create workplace environments where all people matter and belong regardless of their race, gender or disability. Read more

The Advocates’ Society

Conducting a Demographic Survey of Members
The Advocates’ Society

In Spring of 2018, Anima Leadership worked with The Advocates’ Society to conduct a demographic survey of their over 6000 members across Canada. The survey results provided the Society with insights into how it could develop and implement activities and initiatives to ensure an inclusive organization and a membership that reflects the broadest spectrum of the legal profession in Canada. Read More

Toronto Children’s Services (TCS), City of Toronto

Organizational Change Process: Building a More Inclusive Culture
Toronto Children’s Services (TCS), City of Toronto

For over four years, Anima was engaged in offering diversity training to over 800 internal staff, coaching the Senior Leadership team and offering further management tools and support. Deep Diversity® was the internal framework on which follow-up trainings such as Indigenous, Trans and Disability rights were scaffolded, and these mandatory trainings were consistently rated at an 80% or above satisfaction level. Read More

TD Friends of the Environment Foundation

Environmental Leadership Program
TD Friends of the Environment Foundation Leadership Program

For three years, Anima Leadership worked with the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation to enhance the organizational capacity of environmental organizations through an annual Leadership and Organizational Development Course open for application by environmental leaders across Canada. Offered as a week-long intensive at a retreat centre in Ontario, then followed up by three coaching webinars, the program was rated consistently at an over 85% success for learning on key metrics. Read more

Ontario Public Supervisory Officials’ Association (OPSOA)

Equity and Inclusive Education Membership Survey

Ontario Public Supervisory Officials’ Association (OPSOA), a professional organization representing superintendents and educational directors across Ontario. With an increased growth in diversity in Ontario, OPSOA had struck a committee to assist supervisory officers meet their goals of equity and inclusion in education. Read more

Government of Newfoundland and Labrador

Citizen engagement and research

Canadian Policy Research Networks, Anima Leadership facilitated a series of Deliberative Dialogue sessions with young people across Newfoundland and Labrador, as well as in Alberta and Ontario, to feed into the Government’s “Youth Retention and Attraction” Strategy. Read more

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