Decoding Race for White Leaders – Creating Cultures of Belonging Online Group Course (2024)

$408.00 per participant

Creating Cultures of Belonging

As a white leader, move past discomfort into racial literacy and active allyship to promote strong relationships and cultures of belonging.

This course is designed to look at whiteness as a system of power, and to help white leaders investigate their own racial identity with the attendant unspoken assumptions and behaviours brought into the workplace. You will be guided to lead from a place of self-awareness around race, recognizing the importance of taking an intersectional approach to identity, while also being able to step into your power in constructive ways that promote relationship building and create authentic cultures of belonging.

You will learn:

  • To understand patterns of whiteness and how it plays out in the workplace, including microaggressions, fragility, and privilege;
  • To identify your own emotional reactions when dealing with difficult conversations about race – and how to be more skillful in having these conversations;
  • How to step into power in equitable and transparent ways;
  • Some common mistakes that white leaders make and explore ways to address those mistakes;
  • Where feedback often goes wrong, and practice giving feedback to employees based on performance, not based on bias;
  • How to strengthen your own leadership through feedback on difficult challenges and moments you struggle with as a white leader.

Number of Seats:

Title Range Discount
10% discount for 5 or more participants 5 + 10%

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