Brave Conversations Online Group Course – Transforming Workplace Conflict (2024)

$533.00 per participant

Transforming Workplace Conflict

Develop conflict competence in order to transform disagreements and differences into opportunities for learning and growth, especially regarding race and identity issues.

Leaders working in increasingly diverse teams and organizations need to develop conflict competence skills, especially around race and identity issues. This course will explore your own identity as a leader and how it can both help and hinder your relationships, how to listen deeply for what happens under the surface of words and behaviour, and how to interrupt and transform difficult situations into learning opportunities.

You will learn:

  • To explore what is a “brave” conversation and underlying principles to transform conflict, including discussions about race and identity;
  • To identify your conflict triggers and identify healthy recovery skills, including about race and identity;
  • To uncover the hidden feelings and needs that often underlie conflict situations through listening deeply and asking wise questions using scenarios as well as real-time professional issues;
  • To develop awareness of signals that conflict is escalating or de-escalating in inter-personal and team situations.    
  • To uncover awareness of your own and other social identities when disagreements and conflict emerge
  • How to prepare emotionally and strategically for a brave conversation (as well as decide if it is the right step to take in the first place!)  

Number of Seats:

Title Range Discount
10% discount for 5 or more participants 5 + 10%

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