BIPOC Leader Lab – From Survive to Thrive (2024)

$6,746.00 per participant

The BIPOC Leader Lab is a bespoke coaching cohort that leverages the power of collaborative learning to help participants solidify concepts, share strategies and develop practical skills.

Number of Seats:


This is a moment where BIPOC leadership is desperately needed. The program is designed to uphold and uplift racialized leaders, in management to executive-level roles, who are looking to be more sustainable and impactful in their work. By integrating group coaching and peer learning principals, the BIPOC Leader Lab supports leaders shepherding change against the current with frameworks, resources, guidance and community so they can stay energized, strategic and effective.

This six-month-long weekly coaching lab will cover the following:

  • Month One: Being Non-White in a Leadership Role
  • Month Two: The Kind of Leader I Am Meant to Be
  • Month Three: Navigating Organizational Barriers and Opportunities
  • Months Four: Communicating Your Best Self
  • Month Five: Noticing Triggers and Inhabiting Authority
  • Month Six: Harnessing the Courage to Lead

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