Authentic Management Online Group Course – Leading Diverse, High Performance Teams (2024)

$533.00 per participant

Leading Diverse, High Performance Teams

Dive into management essentials critical to nurturing diverse, high-performing teams including psychological safety, performance feedback, power awareness, time-management as well as general smart practices for leaders.

Become a manager of choice by learning to use awareness and positional power to nurture diverse, high-performing environments where clarity, communication and creativity flourish for all employees regardless of identity or background. Explore how to create trusting relationships as the foundation of teamwork, engage and get buy-in from diverse team members and interrupt subtle forms of discrimination to create an equitable environment. 

You will learn:

  • The critical role of psychological safety in nurturing high performance as well as diversity and inclusion on teams;
  • Strategies for developing emotional intelligence for the workplace including awareness of the “emotional tax” on BIPOC employees;  
  • How to give and receive effective performance feedback, essential to support the growth and development of employees especially those of minoritized backgrounds;
  • The Dos of good management practice and the Don’ts;
  • Strategies to maximize team efforts in service of organizational mission: time-management, goal-setting and delegating;
  • How to use power well—avoiding its overuse or underuse—in order to be an effective, inclusive and equitable leader.

Number of Seats:

Title Range Discount
10% discount for 5 or more participants 5 + 10%

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