Authentic Facilitation Online Group Course – Guiding Groups with Presence and Ease (2023)

$533.00 per participant

Guiding Groups with Presence and Ease

Learn how to facilitate inclusive meetings and group conversations where everybody—regardless of rank, background or identity— can participate and feel supported.

Learning how to facilitate group conversations, meetings and events where everyone feels able to participate is crucial to creating inclusive, high functioning teams and organizations. This course will teach you facilitation tips around process, content and logistics, as well as how to navigate differences of identity and rank which can escalate if left untended.

You will learn:

  • Key skills of self-regulation, tone-setting and how to create effective and inclusive learning environments;
  • Best practices in the areas of group process, facilitating content and managing logistics;
  • Personal triggers in group conflict situations and how to use de-escalation techniques effectively;
  • Techniques around common facilitation challenges before, during and after a facilitated group process;
  • To “name and frame” what is happening in real time including naming “hot spot” moments that arise in group situations, especially regarding issues of race and identity.

Number of Seats:

Title Range Discount
10% discount for 5 or more participants 5 + 10%

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