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Deep Diversity® Solo Snapshot

Want to better understand where your organization stands on the journey toward becoming an inclusion leader? Anima Leadership’s Deep Diversity® Solo Snapshot is a FREE, a seven-question measurement tool that will offer instant insights and recommendations around key factors for EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) success. Questions cover governance, human resources, communications, culture and more. 

This product is perfect for individuals looking for a quick and easy starting point to understand where their organization sits on their EDI journey and what it will take to move forward.

Deep Diversity® Leaders’ Snapshot

Want to consider multiple perspectives to establish and track your organization’s EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) progress? Anima Leadership’s Deep Diversity® Leaders Snapshot is a fifteen-question measurement tool that will compile responses from your leadership team in an automated report offering insights, progress tracking and recommendations around key EDI factors.

This product is perfect for senior leadership teams looking for an easy way to identify their organization’s inclusion set point from a senior leadership perspective, including additional resources to help guide the next steps in your EDI journey.

Deep Diversity® Organizational Audit

Want to gain a 360 degree view of your organization’s EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) perspectives, progress and priorities on your way to creating impactful change? Anima Leadership’s Deep Diversity® Organizational Audit is our most comprehensive assessment tool that compiles responses from an unlimited number of stakeholders to provide you the detailed data you need to inform your organization’s entire EDI journey, now and in the future.

This product is perfect for organizations looking to create their own multi-year equity and inclusion plan in as little as six months. The customized package includes a detailed report that considers perspectives from all levels of staff, tools to ensure organization-wide engagement and buy-in, and a comprehensive planning framework for next steps forward.

Deep Diversity® Third-Party Audit

Want a customized, expert approach to assessing your organization’s EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) progress? For organizations further along their inclusion journey, Anima Leadership offers an independent and comprehensive third-party audit that allows us to assess your organization’s EDI progress and provide detailed, actionable next steps. Our team will work with your organization to complete a full evaluation of your key organizational systems, social inclusion metrics, and an equity strategy and action plan using a variety of research methods.

This audit is for organizations ready to make a 6-12+ month commitment to becoming an inclusion leader within their sector. This extensive project includes a full evaluation using a wide variety of methodologies and produces a detailed final report providing individual and sector-specific data and recommendations.

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