SAT42 – Deep Diversity Organizational Audit
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Please leave 30-40 minutes to complete the audit. The questions are detailed because we want your organization to have comprehensive data. Please remember responses are not recorded until you have submitted the last question.

Informed Consent

Anima Leadership has developed this assessment tool – the Deep Diversity® Organizational Audit – to help provide valuable information assessing where your organization sits on its equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) journey.

As previously noted, participation in this audit is both voluntary and anonymous. If you choose to participate you may skip any questions you do not want to answer or end the survey at any time.

The Deep Diversity® Organizational Audit also includes fourteen commonly asked demographic questions providing your organization with a good understanding of the composition of its workforce – very important when developing EDI strategies.

Although voluntary, it would be most beneficial if all leaders and employees participated in the audit, as this will improve the reliability of the results. The data may assist in identifying strengths and opportunities as well as establishing realistic EDI goals. Further, the information from the survey may facilitate the development of plans and strategies that could be used to improve the experience of your organization’s employees.

The information you share in the survey will be kept confidential and its use will be in compliance with laws protecting personal information privacy.

For the Deep Diversity® Organizational Audit, no Internet Protocol (IP) addresses or identifying information is collected with respect to the individuals completing the assessment. Anima Leadership does not connect any responses to an individual in the summary of results and the final report that it provides to the Customer—your organization—who engaged it for the survey. Only the aggregated results—meaning, grouped not individual— will be shared in the final report.

Furthermore, results cannot be reported on any question if there are fewer than three responses. The final report will show a message that indicates that there are not enough results for those questions(s) to calculate a score.

The final report for the Deep Diversity® Organizational Audit will be viewable to the administrator of your organization, as well as designated Anima employees. Your organization does not retain any of the raw data collected

The raw data from the assessments will be stored in a secure hosted cloud computing environment accessible only by authorized staff of Anima Leadership. Anima Leadership has industry standard website security and data management protocols in place for the protection of the data. Data is not entered into the database until the end of the survey when participants “submit” their answers. For more information about data storage please see the Frequently Asked Questions. The final report prepared provided to the organization will be retained by Anima Leadership in its archives for up to 7 years, unless the organization requests deletion of the report prior to this.

Anima Leadership may also decide to use data to examine broader trends in the EDI field. For example, this analysis can assist in understanding what is happening within a specific sector (e.g. education, healthcare) and to inform the development of effective EDI strategies. The Anima Leadership staff will de-identify the data from the specific organization prior to using it for any further analysis. After this de-identification, Anima may store and use this de-identified data in perpetuity.

If you have questions about the audit, please contact

In order to participate in the audit, please respond to the following questions:
I have read the information about privacy and data retention and consent to participate in this survey:
I agree to allow my responses to be used by Anima Leadership for further EDI analysis as noted above:

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