1. There are no refunds for online courses; however, we will offer 50% credit toward any other online courses. 

2. We can defer your enrollment in the same course to a future date as long as it’s 30 days before the start of the course. With less than 30 days notice we cannot transfer you to a future cohort.

3. If you cannot attend you can send a replacement prior to the start of the first course webinar.

4. If you have a larger group of more than 30 participants, you may want to consider a customized in-house training which may be comparable in price. 

5. We generally do not accommodate requests for grouping people from the same organization together in the breakout rooms. This is not only cumbersome for our technology team, but part of the design of open-enrolment courses is for participants to have conversations with people from across organizations, sectors and even national borders to enhance their worldviews on equity, diversity and inclusion issues.

Many groups that purchase bulk seats to our courses also purchase a virtual in-house harvesting session to be scheduled and facilitated after the course has finished. Harvesting sessions are an important follow-up to help consolidate individuals’ learnings and plan next steps for implementation. This includes

  • Reviewing the elements covered in the course
  • Reflecting the themes that came up through the training
  • Discussing application at individual, team and organizational levels

6. We prioritize creating inclusive and welcoming learning environments by expecting all participants to show up with cameras on (unless inaccessible), to listen to other viewpoints, to ask questions and to actively engage in the learning process throughout the course.

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