Join other white leaders in a year-long program of learning, unlearning and collaborative reflection to move into more inclusive and authentic leadership.

This community meets monthly over the course of one year. Next cohort starts January 2024.

For our systems to thrive in the twenty-first century, we need educated, racially literate leaders who have the tools to cultivate equitable environments and professional standards. This community of practice is designed to help a small cohort of up to twenty-five white leaders develop fluency in equity, diversity, and inclusion. Through monthly sessions, you will learn to move from  “I don’t see colour” to “I understand how racism has impacted my own leadership and organization and I have strategies to assist in its undoing”.

You will learn:

  • How whiteness norms are unconsciously perpetuated in organizational contexts;
  • How to explore and decode whiteness as a racial category versus white cultural norms;
  • What it takes to develop equity literacy and develop your fluency in a community of like-minded peers;
  • To move beyond enacting traditional racial scripts to authentic relationship-building;
  • How to access equity in your team/program area/organization and how to take steps forward from diversity to inclusion to belonging.


Fee: $1,000 USD
Sessions: Monthly 75 minute online webinars (including support resources)
Times:  12 pm – 1:15 pm EST


Session Dates & Topics

  • Tuesday, January 16th – Introduction: Anti-Racism as a Practice
  • Tuesday, February 13th – Reframing our Stories Outside of White Supremacy
  • Tuesday, March 12th – Rumbling with What we’ve Inherited as White Leaders
  • Tuesday, April 16th – Going Beyond the Land Acknowledgement
  • Tuesday, May 14th – Rupture/Repair: Engaging in Authentic Relationships Across Racial Difference
  • Tuesday, June 11th – What Professionalism Looks Like in White-Led Institutions
  • Tuesday, September 17th – Getting it Right: The Perfectionism-Whiteness Relationship
  • Tuesday, October 22nd – Cultivating Safer/Brave Spaces as a Leader
  • Tuesday, November 19th – Breaking the Ice: Handling White Fragility.
  • Tuesday, December 17th – Tracking Progress: How do you know you’re Doing Transformative Leadership?

*This course is limited to those who hold leadership and/ or management positions in their organizations, and is open to all white identifying folks. We recognize and honour the complexity of intersectional identities.

Online Monthly Webinars

Sessions: Monthly 75 minute online webinars (including support resources)
Fee: $1,000 USD

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