Gain a foundational understanding of what implicit anti-Black racism and micro-exclusions look like, and how to challenge on individual and systemic levels to create truly equitable workplaces.

This course can help participants build skills to recognize and interrupt anti-Black racism in organizations. It will explore the history of anti-Black racism, identify common institutional patterns, cover the impact of racism on Black wellness and well-being, and help develop strategies to address anti-Black racism as a key leadership skill.

You will learn:

  • Key themes in western history related to anti-Black racism and struggles for racial justice;
  • The ways in which anti-Black racism manifests in contemporary workplaces through implicit bias, preferential treatment and discriminatory comments and behaviours (micro-inequities);
  • What personal and organizational practices can help break the cycle of anti-Black racism and create a more inclusive work environment for everybody.

Challenging Anti-Black Racism is exclusively available to organizations or groups upon request.

In-House Course

Recommended Format*: Two customized, interactive webinars plus additional resources
Recommended Length*:
 Each webinar = ~3 hours

*Format and Length can be tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

This course is exclusively available for on-demand, in-house EDI training.
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