Each of our services is custom-designed for the individual, team or organization we are working with. Because building inclusive, diverse and equitable environments where every person feels like they matter and belong is a fundamentally human challenge, the growth opportunity in each environment is unique.  We listen, we design, and we offer our services in support of building not just hospitable work environments but flourishing ones where people are invited to show up creatively and courageously in service of positive change.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Solutions


For any organization wanting to stay relevant and productive, creating a functionally diverse and inclusive workplace is a must. Anima Leadership is an award-winning leader in this area, specializing in innovative practices for organizational recruitment, selection, retention and advancement.  We offer Deep Diversity trainings, team coaching as well as systemic change packages (with built-in resources including on-line training modules) to help organizations take next steps toward creating more inclusive environments.

Strategic Planning and Visioning Sessions

We offer strategic planning, needs assessments, staff retreats, visioning processes and more. Our strength lies in forging a foundation of authentic relationships to create and sustain a group’s ability to work together effectively, especially under conditions of pressure or stress. We create a container of comfort to harness the collectively imagined best future and design a process to guide organizations from this blue sky vision to on-the-ground operational planning.

Research and Systems Analysis

Through online or in-person surveys, we collect high quality qualitative and quantitative data assessing organizational knowledge on a range of practices and issues. We specialize in diversity surveys as a step towards creating more inclusive systems, contextualizing findings within current research and offering organizational next steps.

Team Development

Teams exist to produce results. The way team members are with each other influences the quality and output of results. Using a systems coaching model combined with emotional intelligence, positive psychology and relationship systems intelligence, we help teams achieve high levels of performance in a positive work environment. We are the only Canadian organization certified to offer individual and team Power Intelligence™ assessments- going beyond EQ, work styles and other 360 assessments to comprehensively assess and coach leaders on their use of power.  Power– because of position, social identity, personality traits, work styles etc.– affects everything we do. Learning how to use it consciously and positively is the foundation of success for any leader and their team.


We have range of effective approaches to resolve stubborn interpersonal and team conflicts. Our trained mediators act as a neutral third party to help people articulate their perspectives and uncover the roots of the dispute, with the goal of facilitating better communication and understanding, as well as ultimately, the generation of solutions favorable to all involved. Self-determination of the parties is an essential element of our mediation process.

Leadership Coaching and Assessments

We provide coaching support to individuals and teams engaging in the authentic leadership journey, from frontline staff to senior management. There are many leadership assessment tools available and although we use a multi-pronged coaching approach we have come to believe that any approach has to start with addressing how a leader uses their power.  We are the only Canadian organization certified to offer the Diamond Power Intelligence™ Index- a comprehensive 360 measuring a leader’s use of power in the workplace, constructively coaching people on how to use power in positive ways. We also offer  EQ in Action profile™ and the EQ in Relationship Survey™.

Anima Leadership is committed to supporting the leadership of those representing various equity-seeking groups, especially Racialized and Indigenous women.  Ask us for more information.

Keynote Speaking and Presentations

The Anima team has years of experience offering speeches and presentations on a variety of topics including diversity, leadership, belonging, democracy, citizen engagement and social change. We also offer the Keynote Community Story, a process of interacting with people, space, programs and products and weaving all into a meta-story of where your organization has been, where you are now and what unfolding lies before you. Contact us to discuss in more detail.

Flagship and Customized Programs

Anima Leadership

We offer open enrollment courses throughout the year (soon coming online as well) that reflect the core dimensions of transformative leadership: how to manage, how to facilitate, and how to create inclusive workplaces. We also custom-design training programs for everyone from front-line staff to senior management, adapting our programs to meet a range of organizational needs.

Contact us if you’d like to chat with us about what we offer.