Leadership Certificate Program Modules

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Finally, a Leadership Certificate through the JEDI (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion) lens!  Most leadership failures in organizations are rarely about lack of technical or content expertise but rather people and relationship management— an area managers are rarely trained in.  These four foundational leadership modules—Authentic Management, Deep Diversity, Brave Conversations and Authentic Facilitation— will walk you through best practices, theory/ research and case scenarios of how to lead in a twenty-first century context across complex differences of all kinds, in conditions of high intensity.  This is a unique approach to leadership that is rooted in compassion and to challenging and undoing systemic barriers that exist to equitable work conditions for all employees.

Throughout each module, you will find a strong focus on developing internal leadership muscles for external impact: a grounding in psychological literacy and management skills to create positive, inclusive and successful teams and organizations.  We aim to support leaders who are change-makers— those who know that creating environments where everyone matters and belongs is at the foundation of success.

This is the in-depth in-person version (vs. the online version) of our certification process offering:

  • In-person cohort practice and coaching support
  • Real-time individual and cohort feedback
  • Full access to core curriculum, learning manuals with theory and exercises
  • Assessment of mastery after completion of all four courses through written reflection (500-100 words)
  • More contact time with one on one coaching conversation following completion of four courses with Anima Faculty member
  • Stylized gold embossed “Inclusive Leadership Certificate” upon completion recognizing the range of skills acquired.

The timeline is entirely up to you. You may choose to do all four modules in the same year, or spread them out over multiple years.  If you register for all courses in the same year, you will receive a 25% discount (off full price) for each module.  If you have already taken some of the trainings listed, you are partway there!  You can substitute one online course for any in-person course and still receive the leadership certificate.

What’s special about our certification?

  • High quality and unique trainings that focus on developing your whole self as a leader;
  • A central focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion that will help you lead more effectively, compassionately, and with ease in today’s complex social reality;
  • Opportunity to have your commitment to relational, equitable, and emotionally intelligent leadership supported and recognized;
  • Opportunity to participate in deep self-reflection and develop awareness of your own personal leadership strengths;
  • Leadership skills recognized by our award-winning leadership development company.

Core Trainings for the Leadership Certificate:

Future in-person course dates will be determined as we learn more about Covid guidelines.

Deep Diversity Icon

Deep Diversity Summer Institute: Leadership Skills for Inclusive Workplaces

For any organization that wants to stay relevant and productive, creating a functionally diverse and inclusive workplace is a must. Understanding how systemic discrimination threatens fairness and morale in both overt and subtle ways is critical to such initiatives. This award-winning training process will develop key leadership knowledge and skills to support workplace inclusion and equity, as outlined in the book, Deep Diversity: Overcoming Us vs. Them. Read more…

Authentic Facilitation Icon

Authentic Facilitation: Guiding Groups with Presence and Ease

Powerful facilitation is all about finding your own unique style and being yourself in front of a group, thereby encouraging others to authentically bring forward all of what they have to offer. At its core, it is about being deeply present. Each group, each situation calls for something different and the best facilitators know how to listen for, and serve this emerging truth. Read more…

Brave Conversations IconBrave Conversations: Transforming Workplace Conflict

Many of us tend to fear conflict, but when approached consciously it is an opportunity for personal and organizational growth. Leaders in the workplace can develop their capacity to nurture “brave space” for conflict. Conflict effectiveness starts with each of us developing an understanding of our own conflict habits, patterns, and reactions, on the unconscious and physical level, and developing our capacities to sit in the fire when tensions heat up. Read more…

Authentic Management Icon

Authentic Management: Leading Diverse, High Performance Teams

Often we get promoted to management positions without a lot of training or support.  This training is a dive into management foundations starting with learning how to manage ourselves in order to manage others, and how to align team efforts with organizational mission in order to increase collective impact. Read more…

“Participating in the four modules of the Leadership Certificate has absolutely changed the way I lead and interact with others in my professional and my personal life. Each module stands on its own, but the four modules are interconnected and each one deepens the knowledge and skills of the others. By participating in all of them, I not only developed my understanding of how my emotions influence behaviour and where my unconscious biases come from but I found ways to deepen my self-awareness and lead with greater compassion, generosity and inclusivity.”

Winifred Hunsburger, educator, facilitator, coach

“It’s interesting to reflect on the number of ways and times throughout the last decade that Anima Leadership in some shape or form has appeared for me, particularly, in moments that often pushed me over the edge into another phase of life. The overarching main theme of the past decade that intertwines with my Anima trainings is learning to consider how much the psychological component to leadership, facilitation, and conflict resolution matters. What people say or even think does not always align with their emotional state of being which can lead to confusion or escalation. The biggest barrier that I’ve come across in my learning has been myself. The longer I work, train, and apply, the more I realize that I simply cannot do perfectly what I expect others or myself to.
It is the experience of being human and ties right back into the importance of understanding the impact of your psychological state. Many of us have experienced trauma and it is often from the wounds of our past that our uncontrollable emotions erupt forth from. It takes time to chip away at the blueprint of who we were, and are, and my own progress is hard to see until I am able to look back at a decade. This experience is one that I feel many others can relate to and thus, perhaps the most important lesson that is to have patience and compassion within yourself and others. It’s hard to change.
Thank you for all of the experiences in my past decade that has helped shape me into the person I am today.”

Yumi Hotta, Operations Manager, ASL19

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