1. Purchase the seats you want. Uncheck the box “I will be participating in the course” ONLY if you are not participating in the course.

2.1 If you are paying by credit card you can enter the billing information in the checkout. You will have immediate course access. 

2.2. If you have arranged with us to pay by invoice select “Payment as previously arranged.” You will not have immediate course access until payment is received. 

Assigning Participants to Course

1. Log into your account and select “My Account” from the top bar.

2. Select “Group”

3. Select “Add Member”

4. You can add their email as a participant to the course and copy the link to send them an email inviting them to register for the course. They will not have to pay since the seat has been purchased. They must register to get access to the course material.

5. Once the course participant receives the invitation link, they have to register to access the learning dashboard. 

6. If you need to replace participants (as a result of staff changes or unavailability) you can do so in the group dashboard. You can also assign other people in your organization to act as “managers.”

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