Episode 10 — Fireside Chat with Zarqa Nawaz

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Join Shakil Choudhury in conversation with Zarqa Nawaz, author of the award-winning book, Laughing All the Way to the Mosque, and creator of the internationally acclaimed show Little Mosque on the Prairie, the world’s first sitcom featuring Muslim characters living in the West. Shakil and Zarqa will be talking about their new books, what it means to occupy a Muslim identity 20 years after 9/11, and they use stories to educate as well as entertain.

Storytelling to Challenge Racism and Islamophobia

The human brain comes hardwired to pay attention to stories—whether in the form of personal narrative, collective myths or gossip—and prioritize them over dry facts and figures.  So how can storytelling be used to challenge racism and Islamophobia? Why are counter-stories so important for nurturing equity and what lessons are relevant for organizational leaders? 

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