Episode 19: Secrets from the EDI Leader Labs: For BIPOC and White Leaders

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Join Annahid Dashtgard, and Emma Lind for a conversation about the Leader Labs and some important takeaways and secrets challenges when addressing race and equity issues.

How do we avoid jumping to conclusions with each other? When is it important to listen versus hold our ground? What does it look like to step into uncomfortable conversations in order to advance equity in our organizations?

BIPOC Leader Lab creator and host Annahid Dashtgard and EDI Lab for White Leaders host Emma Lind discuss the secret challenges and strategies of addressing race and equity issues from the unique perspective of both BIPOC and white leaders. Drawing on lessons learned from the 2023 Leader Labs—one-of-a-kind cohorts bringing together equity leaders from around the world—Annahid and Emma will share impactful and applicable tips and tactics for transforming your own leadership practice.

This Café podcast is perfect for leaders of all identities looking to find a community of other leaders interested in creating a more inclusive and equitable future…with some expert support along the way. Listen now to hear how you can step into greater equity literacy—whatever your racial identity—to help bridge rather than break in these turbulent times.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about this essential reframing of equity, diversity and inclusion work and how to apply it to your own leadership development. This session is part of a series of Fireside Chats, exploring the themes of Deep Diversity with leaders in the field. Pre-order your copy of Deep Diversity here!

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