Episode 16: 360 Hours: The Secret to Developing Equity Literacy for Leaders

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Join Shakil Choudhury in conversation about how reaching and understanding EDI literacy as leader is a vital step that every organization needs to take.

Do you struggle with leaders who think they are EDI (equity, diversity and inclusion) experts after a single anti-bias training session? Or leaders who may “talk the talk” regarding privilege, but are oblivious to their own biased behaviours? If these are your leaders, it’s time for your organization to reframe equity, diversity and inclusion as a literacy project. 

Research tells us that adults need about 360 hours to develop basic proficiency when learning an additional language. This time, practice and intention helps us build the pattern recognition skills that are key to literacy: how to decode letters from squiggly lines, combine letters into words, find meaning in sentences and more. 

Like the pattern recognition we use to acquire a new language, we also need to develop this recognition to identify patterns of systemic discrimination. Being able to identify these specific and concrete patterns in the workplace—whether based on race/ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or disability—is the first step in being able to interrupt them. Understanding EDI literacy as a 360-hour project can help to challenge some of our misguided beliefs about the training and commitment required for EDI work. This 360-hour guideline offers a clear, measurable reframing of what it takes to truly lead organizations as an EDI Champion.

Listen to this podcast to learn more about this essential reframing of equity, diversity and inclusion work and how to apply it to your own leadership development. This session is part of a series of Fireside Chats, exploring the themes of Deep Diversity with leaders in the field. Pre-order your copy of Deep Diversity here!

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