EDI From A Harm Reduction Approach

If we try to reframe EDI work through a harm reduction approach, we can acknowledge the difficulty in totally eradicate all harm or micro-aggressions while also focusing on reducing the harm we cause to others and ourselves.

Having Bias Isn’t Good or Bad — It’s Human

Our brains naturally do a miraculous job of helping us move through the world by quickly processing information to make sense of our surroundings, remember subtle details and identify helpful patterns. But that means that sometimes in our minds, someone’s identity speaks before they do.

Dear Canada

I think sometimes of my ex-homeland with fondness, and other times with longing, but most of me is now rooted here. I don’t know if I can say thank you for taking me in. I have also given everything I have to you.

What is an EDI Audit?

An EDI audit is a question-based measurement tool that analyzes your organization’s EDI strengths and weaknesses based on real employee data.

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