Episode 20: Inclusive Leadership for Polarizing Times

Shakil Choudhury and Dawn Menken discuss how to overcome political polarization and become inclusive leaders. Don’t miss the chance to elevate your impact and navigate the complexities of today’s political landscape with confidence and compassion.

Episode 16: 360 Hours: The Secret to Developing Equity Literacy for Leaders

Understanding EDI literacy as a 360-hour project can help to challenge some of our misguided beliefs about the training and commitment required for EDI work. Join Shakil Choudhury in conversation about how reaching and understanding EDI literacy as leader is a vital step that every organization needs to take.

The Concrete Ceiling: Women of Colour Breaking Barriers

What does a future look like where everyone, regardless of identity, has the opportunity not just to survive, but thrive? Join Deepa Purushothaman in conversation with Anima CEO Annahid Dashtgard as they discuss what it will take for women of colour us to break the invisible barriers holding us back.

Episode 11 — Fireside Chat with Clayton Thomas-Müller

How do we move beyond lip service, performative allyship and surface-level change in order to make lasting, systemic change? Join Shakil Choudhury in conversation with Clayton Thomas-Müller as they discuss his book “Life in the City of Dirty Water”, Indigenous rights and environmental and economic justice. 

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