Episode 11 — Fireside Chat with Clayton Thomas-Müller

Join Shakil Choudhury in conversation with Clayton Thomas-Müller, a best selling author, as they discuss his book “Life in the City of Dirty Water”, an account of Indigenous rights and environmental and economic justice. 

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In his new book, Deep Diversity: A Compassionate, Scientific Approach to Achieving Racial Justice, Shakil Choudhury asks the question, “how do we make all people feel like they matter and belong?”

This session is part of a series of Fireside Chats, exploring this question and other themes from Deep Diversity with leaders in the justice, equity, diversity and inclusion field. Keep the conversation going by ordering your copy of Deep Diversity now!

Equity and inclusion is about justice, and from an Indigenous perspective, there can be no equity until justice is central to the conversation. As Clayton Thomas-Müller points out, “if Indigenous peoples had access to the land, water and resources, there would be no poverty and things would be very different in this country.” 

How do we help organizational leaders look at equity through a justice lens? How do we help them see their part in this ongoing work? How do we move beyond lip service, performative allyship and surface-level change to make lasting, systemic change?

To learn more about implementing Deep Diversity’s themes of equity and justice in your own organization, check out Anima Leadership’s Deep Diversity: Creating Inclusive Organizations course. Build your equity literacy and build a more just and inclusive workplace with expert training and support.

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