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Two people holding hands in a supportive way.
EDI From A Harm Reduction Approach
If we try to reframe EDI work through a harm reduction approach, we can acknowledge the difficulty in totally eradicate all harm or micro-aggressions while also focusing on reducing the harm we cause to others and ourselves. Read More
Two professionals sit at a desk reading documents in blue folders
Having Bias Isn’t Good or Bad — It’s Human
Our brains naturally do a miraculous job of helping us move through the world by quickly processing information to make sense of our surroundings, remember subtle details and identify helpful patterns. But that means that sometimes in our minds, someone’s identity speaks before they do. Read More
Annahid Dashtgard, Anima Leadership CEO and author of Bones of Belonging
Dear Canada
I think sometimes of my ex-homeland with fondness, and other times with longing, but most of me is now rooted here. I don’t know if I can say thank you for taking me in. I have also given everything I have to you. Read More
Anima Leadership CEO Annahid Dashtgard seated looking at the camera in a red blazer.
Why White Leaders Need More Racial Literacy
As long as white leaders remain unwilling, or unable, to have frank conversations about race, we’ll remain stuck. Read More
Indigenous Erasure and Resistance in Canada
Indigenous erasure in Canada is a form of racism that asks us to overlook, suppress or ignore the reality and experiences of Indigenous Peoples. Read More
How to Avoid Burnout: Data-Driven Solutions for Chief Diversity Officers
Feeling burnt out as an EDI lead? Learn how to use data to overcome the common EDI barriers at the root of your workplace woes. Read More
image of diverse staff speaking together
How to Make Your Workplace More Inclusive for Transgender, Nonbinary and Gender-Diverse People
Here are five ways to create a workplace culture that is welcoming and inclusive for transgender, nonbinary or gender diverse employees. Read More
What is an EDI Audit?
An EDI audit is a question-based measurement tool that analyzes your organization’s EDI strengths and weaknesses based on real employee data. Read More
A Black person stands in front of a white board with the words "Good Morning" written in blue marker
Brave Conversations for BIPOC Leaders: How to Set Boundaries around EDI Work
As a BIPOC leader, having brave conversations and setting professional boundaries can go a long way in protecting your emotional health. Read More
Six colleagues sit at a table talking while drinking coffee and typing on their laptops.
9 Ways to Challenge Racial Discrimination in Your Organization
Develop your EDI strategy and become a more inclusive organization with these 9 tips to challenge racial discrimination at work. Read More
Three colleagues stand over a document. One is seated and writing, while the other two stand behind them looking over their shoulders.
WTF Is Whiteness? A Decoding Race Primer
There is a new cultural appetite for naming whiteness on a deeper level. But there is an important question that often goes unasked – WTF is whiteness anyway? Read More
Two coworkers stand together reviewing notes on a tablet while drinking coffee.
Giving and Receiving Effective Performance Feedback
When feedback is done wrong (or not done at all) it can create serious problems down the road. Here are 8 tips to help you give and receive feedback. Read More
Four people sit together on a wooden bench and the person at the center of the group is holding the laptop on their lap. Each person is reacting to what they see on the laptop screen.
Recognizing and Managing Micro-Inequities at Work
Sometimes people say hurtful things without realizing the impact of their words. And when those comments are tied to identity, we refer to them as micro-inequities. Read More
Five colleagues sitting around a table for a meeting. The table is loaded with laptops, coffee mugs, plants and notebooks. Three colleagues are visibly smiling as they all turn their attention towards the person speaking in the group. The other two colleagues are slightly out of view of the camera.
How to Talk About Race at Work
Talking about race at work can be an emotionally-charged experience. Learn how to lean into these emotions instead of avoiding them. Read More
A person with a beads looks at a laptop screen, frustrated, with their hands over on their head.
How to Avoid Backlash in Equity and Inclusion Training
Data shows that justice, equity, diversity and inclusion training often face the same five problems that inspire backlash. Learn to identify these five traps and avoid them to create meaningful change. Read More
Three colleagues in a board room at work.
10 Success Factors for JEDI Trainings
With the push for businesses to focus on diversity initiatives, you may be surprised to learn that most justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) trainings don’t work. Learn the 10 success factors for JEDI trainings that stuck. Read More
Masai Ujiri raises his fists in celebration of the NBA Championship win, surrounded by members of the Toronto Raptors team.
Anti-Black Racism in the C-Suite
Even after leading the Toronto Raptors to the NBA Championship, Masai Ujiri still faced anti-Black racism in his workplace. How can we challenge anti-Black racism in our own organizations? Read More

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