Recordings of our Anima Cafés, focusing on various topics to increase you equity, diversity and inclusion literacy. Tune into past episode to help build the knowledge, comfort and skills required to create an inclusive environments at work and beyond where everyone feels like they matter and belong.

Each episode is focused on a unique and current issue in the EDI landscape, hosted by an Anima team member with guests from around the globe.

Episode 20: Inclusive Leadership for Polarizing Times
Shakil Choudhury and Dawn Menken discuss how to overcome political polarization and become inclusive leaders. Don't miss the chance to elevate your impact and navigate the complexities of today's political landscape with confidence and compassion. Read More
Episode 19: Secrets from the EDI Leader Labs: For BIPOC and White Leaders
Join Annahid Dashtgard, and Emma Lind for a conversation about the Leader Labs and some important takeaways and secrets challenges when addressing race and equity issues. Read More
Episode 18: EDI is not Dead: Facing the Backlash Together
Join Annahid Dashtgard, and Shakil Choudhury in a conservation about equity, diversity and inclusion. Read More
Episode 17: Stories of Belonging: Finding Wholeness in a White World
Join Annahid Dashtgard, Kwame Scott Fraser, and Farzana Doctor in conversation about what it means to belong as racialized individuals—in a profession, to a country, even within our own skin. Read More
Episode 16: 360 Hours: The Secret to Developing Equity Literacy for Leaders
Understanding EDI literacy as a 360-hour project can help to challenge some of our misguided beliefs about the training and commitment required for EDI work. Join Shakil Choudhury in conversation about how reaching and understanding EDI literacy as leader is a vital step that every organization needs to take. Read More
Anima Podcast — Episode 15: Common EDI Leadership Traps (and how to avoid them with data) with Shakil Choudhury
Episode 15 — Common EDI Leadership Traps (And How to Avoid Them With Data!)
Leaders often, and unknowingly, jeopardize their organization’s EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion) efforts...but it doesn't have to be this way. Learn four common traps that trip up leaders in their EDI work and how to overcome them using data. Read More
Episode 14 — 15 Leadership Lessons from 15 Years in the JEDI World
2022 marks Anima Leadership’s 15th Anniversary. Join us as we explore 15 leadership lessons learned from 15 years in the JEDI world with Annahid Dashtgard, CEO and co-founder of Anima Leadership. Read More
Anima Podcast Episode 13 — The Concrete Ceiling: Women of Colour Breaking Barriers with Deepa Purushothaman and Annahid Dashtgard
The Concrete Ceiling: Women of Colour Breaking Barriers
What does a future look like where everyone, regardless of identity, has the opportunity not just to survive, but thrive? Join Deepa Purushothaman in conversation with Anima CEO Annahid Dashtgard as they discuss what it will take for women of colour us to break the invisible barriers holding us back. Read More
Episode 12 — Café at the Edge of Whiteness: Authentically Breaking Out of Racial Scripts
What does it look like to push against the edges of whiteness, to be centered, authentic and remain in relationship as we seek to achieve racial justice in the workplace and beyond? Join Anima's Shakil Choudhury and Emma Lind for a conversation about breaking out of racial scripts. Read More
Episode 11 — Fireside Chat with Clayton Thomas-Müller
How do we move beyond lip service, performative allyship and surface-level change in order to make lasting, systemic change? Join Shakil Choudhury in conversation with Clayton Thomas-Müller as they discuss his book "Life in the City of Dirty Water", Indigenous rights and environmental and economic justice.  Read More
Episode 10 — Fireside Chat with Zarqa Nawaz
How can storytelling be used to challenge racism and Islamophobia? Join Shakil Choudhury in conversation with Zarqa Nawaz, author and creator of the internationally acclaimed show Little Mosque on the Prairie as they discuss stories for entertainment and education. Read More
Episode 9 — Fireside Chat with Adam Kahane: Facilitating Extreme Group Conflict About Politics and Identity
In a time of extreme political polarization, call-outs and cancel culture, how do leaders support constructive dialogue and de-escalate conflict in society and organizations? Join Shakil Choudhury and Adam Kahane in an intimate fireside chat about approaches to constructive dialogue both inside organizations and in broader society. Read More
Episode 8 — Deep Diversity Book Launch: Fireside Chat with Loretta Ross
How do advocates and allies of the anti-racist movement work towards a more just society? What does it mean to integrate, inner and outer, psychology with power? How do we place love and compassion at the centre of our actions and create call-in culture? Join Shakil Choudhury and racial justice legend Loretta Ross in this intimate session. Read More
Episode 7 — A Transformative Model for JEDI Leadership (Teaching Racial Justice Without Shame or Blame, Part 3)
Join Shakil Choudhury as presents a new tool to identify the stages of JEDI transformation that leaders and organizations are at: The Anima Transformative JEDI Model. This is Part 3 of our discussion on effective strategies to teach justice and equity issues without shame and blame. Read More
Episode 6 — Developing Racial Pattern Recognition Skills to Undo Racism (Teaching Racial Justice Without Shame or Blame, Part 2)
Join Shakil Choudhury as he introduces the concept of “racial pattern recognition” as a frame to help learners detect systemic issues related to racism and oppression. This is Part 2 of our discussion on effective strategies to teach justice and equity issues without shame and blame. Read More
Episode 5 — Teaching Racial Justice Without Shame or Blame (Part 1)
Join Shakil Choudhury in a conversation about how psychological literacy is a key part of what is missing and could strengthen racial and social justice work, based on the newly revised edition of “Deep Diversity: A Compassionate, Scientific Approach to Achieving Racial Justice”. Read More
Episode 4 — The Roots of Rumi: Cultural Celebration vs. Appropriation
Join host Annahid Dashtgard and guests Khashayar Mohammadias and Emma Lind on the advent of Nowrooz (Persian New Year) as we explore the fine line between celebrating diverse cultures vs. appropriating them. Read More
Episode 3 — Black History Month: Between Pride and Protest
Explore how Black History Month both helps and hinders forward movement for the Black community. Join Mahlon Evans-Sinclair and guests Akilah Hamilton, Parker Johnson and Jessica Oddy as they take stock of where we are, how we got here and how we move forward while building collective capacity and courage. Read More
Episode 2 — Post-Election Debrief: Leadership for this Age of Discord
The US is in a political crisis due to unclear election results. Join Shakil Choudhury and guests Judy Rebick and Parker Johnson as they take stock of where we are, how we got here and how we move forward while building collective capacity and courage. Read More
Episode 1 — Why Leaders Should Use the “F” Word More Often: Rising Authoritarianism in a Trumpian Era
On the eve of the most important US election in generations, democracy in that—and other western contexts— is in crisis. Join Shakil Choudhury in this call to action to build community and capacity in our personal, community and professional lives as a response to the current stormy political era. Read More

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