This is our flagship leadership development program offered both nationally and internationally, to diverse groups including nurses, engineers, women, youth and other public sector leaders.

This program takes participants through an experiential journey to examine, develop and ultimately strengthen individual leadership capacity. So many of us rarely step fully into our potential—we get frozen by fear, weighted down with sadness, lost in our anger, numbed by apathy, exhausted by busy-ness or deadened by despair – or some combination thereof. We settle for less. We make peace with playing it safe rather than real. At Anima, we believe that fundamentally transformative leadership stems from being connected to our innate wisdom – learning how to listen to this source, to act from it, to be sustained by it – and to catalyze this in others. At a core level, this program teaches people how to develop this capacity for personal awareness and mastery, and how to use this ability to achieve personal and professional vision and goals.

This program assists both emerging and seasoned leaders in becoming more powerful agents of change with the capacity to catalyze breakthrough results in both personal and professional realms.

Program Outcomes

  • Tap into your innate wisdom, power and capacity to enact change as the foundation for effective leadership;
  • Develop skills in the key leadership areas of self-awareness and empathy necessary for working in complex and diverse environments;
  • Understand more about your own leadership style and how to expand past existing limitations, giving you more choice in how to respond to challenges that arise;
  • Explore essential strategies in dealing with difficult people through personal boundary setting, assertiveness and conflict resolution training;
  • Utilize approaches that will assist you in overcoming personal, organizational systemic barriers;
  • Examine the shifting role of leader from ‘expert’ to ‘guide’ in the rapidly changing context of organizations in the twenty-first century;
  • Help clarify personal values, goals and calling and connect these to building effective organizations and strong communities.